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All members of the Planet Math team are SCARS Certified

Kevin Warner

The pulse of the Planet Math machine, Mr. Kevin L. Warner, our esteemed Founder, Executive Director, and Director of Business Development, remains as the primary driving force behind the operations of this Social Enterprise. Kevin is a seasoned professional with approximately 15 years of experience in the corporate arena, having worked with notable companies such as AIG, Arch, Argus, RenRe, and Validus. His entrepreneurial journey reflects a commitment to community impact, evident through his involvement with organizations like PHC as a Coach and a board member of the PHC Foundation, as well as his mentorship of young men within our society. Kevin's passion for children, mathematics, and business converge harmoniously to create the perfect trilogy for his love towards the birth of Planet Math. Showcasing his visionary leadership and expertise in building and developing businesses, Kevin continues to exhibit the Midas touch for this social enterprise. He has accumulated nearly a decade of philanthropic experience in the third sector, demonstrating his dedication through voluntary work and services. With a profound dedication to educational empowerment and a mission to inspire positive change, he draws extra motivation from transforming followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change. As such, the organization experiences ongoing organic and dynamic growth through transformative educational experiences generated by the Planet Math machine, which consistently illuminates pathways for numerous students amidst the global evolution.

Sergio Pitcher

Sergio Pitcher is an accomplished educator with over two decades of experience teaching mathematics at various levels. With a passion for mathematics and a commitment to education, Sergio has made a significant impact on the academic development of countless students. For five years, he dedicated his expertise to teaching middle school math at Whitney Institute before transitioning to Bermuda College, where he continued to inspire and empower students for nine years. In 2016, Sergio along with Kevin Warner founded Planet Math with the mission of making math accessible and enjoyable for all, aiming to support individuals in achieving their academic goals and fostering a love for mathematics. He finds great joy in witnessing the success of young learners and believes in the transformative power of mathematics to shape brighter futures.
Driven by his love for mathematics and dedication to student success, Sergio Pitcher is a dynamic educator who thrives on helping young people unlock their potential in math. Recognizing the intrinsic value of mathematical knowledge, Sergio is passionate about instilling a deep appreciation for the subject and empowering individuals to excel academically. He believes that math not only provides a framework for problem-solving but also equips individuals with the skills to make informed financial decisions and navigate the complexities of the modern world. Through his commitment to teaching and mentorship, Sergio inspires students to embrace the challenges of mathematics, recognizing its inherent rewards and the profound impact it can have on their lives.

Nicole Hassell

Nicole, holds a Master of Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Science & Coaching, along with certification as a Swimming Instructor. She also boasts a wealth of experience in working with children across diverse programs in multiple countries. Within Planet Math, Nicole adeptly oversees daily operations to optimize program efficiency. Serving as the primary point of contact for phone calls, messages, and emails, she is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and expanding the Planet Math outreach within the Bermuda community.

Lisa Stephanie Eng

Lisa, the dynamic STEAM Camp Director at Planet Math, is a beacon of enthusiasm for science education. Graduating summa cum laude with an Associate's Degree in Pharmacy and magna cum laude in Bachelor of Science (Industrial Chemistry) (Hons), Lisa's academic achievements speak volumes about her dedication to learning. Her passion for igniting curiosity in young minds drives her every endeavour, as she tirelessly works to create engaging and transformative experiences for children, aiming to make science not only accessible but thrilling. With her blend of academic excellence and infectious enthusiasm, Lisa is committed to shaping the next generation of innovators and problem solvers, one experiment at a time.

Kimberley Mensah

Kimberley embarked on her academic journey by dismantling her calculator as a young child to explore its inner workings. Her passion for Physics was ignited during high school, propelling her towards a deep enthusiasm for the subject. Despite facing challenges in mathematics, Kimberley persevered. Pursuing an electrical engineering degree, she diligently studied Calculus at Bermuda College to grasp the concepts, later revisiting the course at university. This experience revealed to her the simplicity of mathematics, akin to mastering a musical instrument through practice and a positive mindset. Excelling in her studies, Kimberley eventually became a calculus tutor at university. Following the completion of her bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, she pursued further education, earning master's degrees in both electrical engineering and biomedical engineering. Transitioning from engineering to teaching, Kimberley found her calling in education, initially teaching math and physics at Bermuda College for nine years before transitioning to the public school system as a substitute teacher. A colleague's invitation led her to join Planet Math, marking the beginning of her tenure with the organization. Emerging from her initial roles as a camp counsellor and math tutor at Planet Math, Kimberley has expanded her scope to encompass contract writing, press release composition, policy development, event planning, math curriculum design for camps, and coordination of learning support services. While maintaining her position as a math tutor at Planet Math, Kimberley aspires to inspire the next generation through positive role modelling, nurturing their inherent strengths, and fostering their development. Many students are struggling in math just as she once did, and she hopes that, like her, they will discover the “trick” to excelling in math education. Kimberley said, "Recognizing the challenges many students face in math, a subject she once struggled with, I aim to empower them to excel by uncovering the key to success in math education. She believes that every young individual possesses the untapped potential and she endeavours to bring forth these hidden talents, whilst ensuring that each one recognizes their uniqueness and contributions to society."

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