Electronics Policy

Our Electronics Policy is designed to:

❖ promote positive social interactions between Planeeters (campers)
❖ give your children a much-needed break from the world of technology
❖ allow your children to embrace the connections they make with other Planeeters, “unplugging”
from their electronics
❖ ensure that your children are not exposed to age-inappropriate material
❖ help your child to remain focus on the activities designed for camp

Please discuss our electronics policy with your child to help us implement this at Planet Math Xplorers
Xpedition Camps.

As we are incorporating XtraMath, an online math fact fluency program, into our math lessons,
Planeeters should bring their devices (Ipad, tablets or cellphones) to camp for 15 minutes of XtraMath
session every day.

Usage of devices is NOT ALLOWED at camp prior to 4:30pm (when end of day pickup commences).

Please note that parents will be responsible to set restrictions on your child’s devices on what they will have access to respectively.

If you do not wish for your child to use their devices during our pickup slot (between 4:30 – 5:30pm),
please communicate this clearly to your child’s group counselors.

Planet Math is not liable for your child’s electronics during camp hours. Please be sure to label your child’s devices appropriately.

1. Music Players
2. Cameras
3. Gameboys, PSPs or Nintendo DSs

Our camp staff will be briefed on the rules both prior to their arrival at camp and during our staff orientation. Our message to them is simple: usage of electronics should be limited to updating their respective camp group chats with updates and pictures.

We recommend that your child powers down, unplugs, and takes what we’re certain is a well-needed break from the world of electronics.   Please be respectful of the usage and content limitations we have in place.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact us at
Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.

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