Behavioral Guidelines

To ensure a positive and enriching experience for everyone, Planet Math has established clear behavioral guidelines and corresponding discipline procedures. Please take a moment to discuss these guidelines with your child before the start of camp.

At Planet Math Xplorers Xpedition, we expect all campers to adhere to the following behavioral guidelines:

1. Respect for Camp Counselors: Listen carefully and respectfully, follow rules and instructions.
2. Respect for Other Campers: Bullying, harassment, name-calling, swearing, damaging belongings or any other aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.
3. Respect for Camp Property: Vandalism and intentional damage will not be tolerated.

Campers will be informed of these rules, and the consequences for not following them, upon arrival at camp. We encourage open communication, and campers should feel comfortable talking to a counselor or any staff member if they encounter discomfort or require assistance during camp.

Discipline Procedures

In the event that a camper does not adhere to the behavior guidelines, the following action steps will be taken:

1. Redirection: Campers will be redirected to a more appropriate behavior.
2. Reminder and Action Steps: If inappropriate behavior persists, the camper will be reminded of the guidelines, and together with a counselor, decide on action steps to correct the behavior.
3. Parent Notification: If the behavior continues, parents will be notified to discuss the next steps.
4. Dismissal: As a final action step, if inappropriate behavior persists, the camper may be dismissed from camp.

Please note that camp fees are non-refundable if a camper is sent home for disciplinary reasons. Bullying or physical violence may result in immediate dismissal, with future attendance potentially restricted. Our staff will use their discretion and adhere to standard operating procedures to ensure that consequences align with the severity of the misbehavior.

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