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The Story of Planet Math

The Story of Planet Math

Sergio Pitcher started By The Numbers, which he reopened at a very old and small location in St. George’s. After many years of different locations and plenty of ups & downs, it was soon to pay off. BTN began with helping a few students improve their math skills. However, from the moment he started, Sergio recognized the potential that the location and the idea had. The first thing he decided to do was renovate the location, fixing up the building to become a conducive learning environment. Once the location in St. George’s was fixed up, little did Sergio know that his persistence and resilience was about to be rewarded big time from an unlikely source.

BTN was operating as a little mom-and-pop store solely for math tutorials but grew at a rate that was beginning to outpace Sergio. As a result, this is when he hired his first tutor, Kyrie Parfitt, who helped Sergio with his growing number of students.

Sergio had a vision of expanding to Hamilton and into the west end of the island, and he recognized that the only way that he could achieve these goals was if he took on a partner. Sergio had recently met Kevin Warner and admired his hard work and drive and Sergio knew that Kevin was the right person to take By The Numbers to new heights.

After a year of some persistent convincing, Sergio had persuaded Kevin to join forces and build a larger tutoring organization. Since both partners shared a passion for: math, kids, and business…it was the perfect trifecta. Before fully committing Kevin had quietly spent a little over a year doing a business analysis and feasibility study on the operations. He quickly realized that the current model was selling the business short.

Subsequently, Kevin recommended starting afresh and building a Math Social Enterprise, from there Planet Math was born, and as the saying goes, “the rest is history.”

The tutoring business took off, growing exponentially. Kevin secured the Planet Math location in Hamilton and transformed Planet Math into much of what it is today. Planet Math then began to expand its executive team and the services that they offer, soon offering extended tutoring hours and days, camps, philanthropic programs & charitable initiatives, Math-A-Thons, Slime Factory and later on camp bursaries through their charitable wing, The Fibonacci Foundation #1024.

Together they worked towards creating, building and developing their collective vision. Much of Planet Math’s ethos today has been a hybrid of their perfect trifecta (math, kids, business). With Kevin’s skillset in Social Enterprises, Business Intelligence and Entrepreneurship…and without Sergio’s love of mathematics, passion for teaching and his sheered grind for building and growing By The Numbers, we may not have had this extremely rare partnership. This partnership has now led PM to become a Math Behemoth and a Communal Conglomerate, thanks to the foresight of its founding fathers.

Our Mission

To be an organization with the goal of fostering a love and appreciation of mathematics while bringing math to life among Bermuda's youth.

Our Principles

Value- serve our primary stakeholders at all times with the highest standards.

Quality- demonstrate a degree of excellence coupled with superior customer service. that is second to none.

Ingenuity- create, build, and develop learning strategies that are innovative and timeless.

Our Vision

To be the leading Math institute in Bermuda while establishing our brand globally.

Meet The Planet Math Team

All members of the Planet Math team are SCARS Certified

Sergio Pitcher

Founder/Owner/Math Specialist

Kevin Warner

Founder/Owner/Director of Business Development

Nicole Hassell

Office Manager

Lisa Stephanie Eng

STEAM Camp Director

Kimberley Mensah

Operational Manager

Kyrie Parfitt

Math Specialist

Support Planet Math

The Fibonacci Foundation is a charitable wing of Planet Math.
It was set up to help provide the financial infrastructure and
the strategic platform for Planet Math to continue executing its community-driven projects, philanthropic initiatives, and

Or contact us today to learn how you can help support our mission and alternative ways to donate!


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